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Our Team

Ecoscape as a company is as dynamic as the landscapes that we create. We are a very charismatic group of fascinating beings that together, share the vision of creating beautiful and functional landscapes that are good for people and planet. We are made up of organic farmers, engineers, permaculturalists, foresters, backcountry trail builders, cooks, botanists, environmentalists, yoga lovers, herbalists, nurserymen, poets, photographers, entomologists, music and mountain lovers, and more…

Bill Melvin – Owner & President

Bill is a graduate of the University of Colorado’s School of Environmental Design in Boulder and holds a degree with a focus on landscape architecture. He has been a certified Permaculture Designer since 1997 and has considerable experience working the land for over 2 decades as a landscaper, organic farmer, forester, and outdoor educator. Since 2000 Bill has been the owner of Ecoscape, working with clients to create landscapes that are not only beautiful, but region appropriate as well.

As a young man Bill was enticed by the mountains of Colorado where he relocated from the Hudson River Valley of New York in the late 80’s to truly discover the wonders of nature. He shares his passion for Colorado’s native flora, edible and medicinal landscaping, and ecological land management through his teachings, locally and beyond. Bill has been an adjunct faculty member of Naropa University, has taught workshops at the Denver Botanic Gardens, and through local non- profit organizations.

When not working Bill spends much of his time playing outdoors with his wife, Jen, and son, Daniel. Whenever possible he escapes to the hills for skiing, biking, hiking, and mushroom hunting forays. His extensive travels around the country and the world alike keep him searching for inspiring natural wonders and culinary delights!

Kristin Klimaszewski – Landscape Designer

Kristin earned her bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture, an associate degree in landscape design and horticulture from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Kristin has over six years of design experience with firms located in Colorado and Wisconsin. Kristin’s passion for planting design is rooted in her love and care for supporting local wildlife. Kristin enjoys the opportunity to utilize her creativity by designing spaces that are ecologically beneficial, reflecting the beauty of Colorado.

When Kristin is not busy designing or knitting, she can be found in the mountains, trail running, mountain biking, hiking and backpacking.

If Kristin could be any plant, she would be a serviceberry tree because they benefit local wildlife and are beautiful through every season.

Sandy Alexander – Landscape Design Technician & Sales Assistant

As the CAD assistant here at Ecoscape Sandy primarily supports the landscape designers with existing condition drawings and base drawings. She originally studied apparel design at Colorado State University and went back to school for Architectural Studies. She has a considerable amount of experience in the design field and is excited to be a part of the Ecoscape team.

Sandy loves everything about working on the design side of landscaping, from being on the land to creative expression, and then getting to see how it all comes together. She values honesty and trust, and aims to create safe space. When Sandy is not working she spends time fixing up her home or in the mountains, kayaking, and gardening, of course! She also loves skiing which she learned at age 13. Although, she admits she doesn’t go nearly enough as she wants. She’s lived in Colorado all of her life and has a true passion for the outdoors. If Sandy was a flower she would be a Columbine because they get to be in the mountains every day.

Masahiko Wakita – Landscape Installation Manager

Masahiko has over fifteen years of irrigation and landscaping experience throughout Colorado and California. Masahiko feels inspired by the patterns in nature and strives to work the land in responsible ways that attribute to its natural beauty. Experiencing the diverse microclimates and ecosystems found in Colorado is the inspiration for Masahiko’s day.

During Masahiko’s free time, he does abstract painting, is heading to the golf course for a round, teaching yoga, spending time in the Colorado mountains biking or snowboarding, he also enjoys dancing to techno and house music.

Before Ecoscape, Masahiko spent several years as a professional snowboarder. He also considers himself a cat whisperer, but not professionally.

If Masahiko could be any plant, it would be a lotus flower because of the depth of its journey and its intrinsic beauty.


Team Bio

Jose Felix – Landscape Installation Foreman

Jose has worked on the Front Range in the landscape construction industry for over ten years and has been with Ecoscape since 2017. He has solid masonry skills and brings a kind-hearted spirit and a keen eye for detail to every project.

Jose, his wife, and children live in Longmont, and he loves that Colorado offers tons of opportunities to work on landscapes where he can learn something new each day. Jose continually strives to do better than the day before for both himself as well as his family, and has immense gratitude towards his fellow coworkers as well as Ecoscape’s clients. He never stops until he has done the best work possible and does his work with great pleasure and fulfillment!

Outside of work Jose loves to go for walks in the mountains. If Jose were a plant, tree, or flower, he wouldn’t choose only one, because he has a deep respect for plants and nature, and one plant alone doesn’t encompass the respect he holds for our planet.


Team BiosGuillermo Rivas – Skilled Landscape Installation Technician

Guillermo Martinez R. is one of Ecoscape’s most skilled laborers! He started working with the company in 2013 when the Colorado floods were occurring, and he says this is his favorite memory because he was able to support the many different projects that needed to be done. He loves that his tasks always involve something new so that he can continue to learn new things and so that his job never becomes monotonous.

Guillermo has been in Colorado since 1997 and absolutely loves it here! He values hard work and his family deeply. He loves to spend time with them as much as possible. He has an incredible talent in music, and plays the 12-string guitar and accordion to relax. He also has a phenomenal singing voice and loves to bring his karaoke machine whenever he has the chance!

If Guillermo were a tree, he would be one that has deep roots with big, beautiful branches, but also one that’s prickly because he and his fellow coworkers love to jokingly pick on each other.

William Hurley – Landscape Installation Foreman

Will is originally from New Hampshire and has a background in auto mechanics! He has been a part of Ecoscape since 2018 and likes that the work he does changes on a day-to-day basis; there is always new scenery and no project is exactly the same. Will’s favorite memory is working at the Juicy Berry farm helping to build their nature trail because it is a cool spot with a fun environment.

He takes pride in the work that Ecoscape does for the community and loves being able to drive around beautiful Boulder and see projects he has worked on. The values that he holds on to are loyalty and honesty and works hard to exude those characteristics. When Will isn’t working he enjoys running and being outdoors. If he was a tree, he would be a pine tree since they are hearty.



Angel Felix – Landscape Installation Technician