Our Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis  

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Our Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus Update)

Change is happening at head-spinning rates. Our country is being asked to take unprecedented measures to diminish the spread of COVID-19. As unsettling as these uncertain times are, we CAN find solace and strength from our natural surroundings.

Here at Ecoscape Environmental Design, we understand the severity of the situation at hand and the effort our clients are putting into stopping the spread of this disease.  As such, we want to make sure we are matching that commitment level and taking all necessary steps to do our part in reducing the impact of the novel coronavirus.

Since landscape services are exempt under the State of Colorado’s decree for COVID-19 response measures, Ecoscape will continue to offer our design, build, and maintenance services. Our entire staff has been trained on the Center for Disease Control protocols, and we created this FAQ to help clarify exactly what working with Ecoscape Environmental Design will look like in the coming weeks.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you still have unanswered questions. 


Are you open?

Yes, we are open and accepting new design + build clients. Limited space is available for full-service landscape maintenance, small projects, and plant enhancement projects.

Contact us by phone at 303-447-5789, or by email at Admin@EcoscapeDesign.com to get started.  Or fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form on our website.  We’ll get back to you shortly to discuss your scope of work, investment budget, and goals for the project.

What actions are you taking to keep me and my family safe?

The following steps are some of the biggest changes we have made in response to COVID-19:

  • Performing routine cleaning and disinfecting of equipment and commonly used surfaces, as well as strengthening cleaning efforts of at-risk areas.
  • Providing gloves, masks, and/or other appropriate personal protective equipment to our employees.
  • Communicating the importance of proper hand-washing techniques and personal hygiene habits to our employees.
  • Advising employees who feel ill or show symptoms of COVID-19 to stay home from work.
  • Establish client/vendor communication via phone or email first.  If a site visit is needed, we will keep 6 ft between us. If we need to pick up materials from a vendor, we will pre-order and maintain a safe 6 ft distance.
  • Only one employee per truck or personal car, when going to a job site.  Trucks are assigned to employees to avoid cross-contamination by switching vehicles.

What about your staff?

Ecoscape’s office based staff is currently working from home, or staggering their work hours at the office, to avoid spreading the disease.  Designers or Estimators meeting clients outside for a site visit are instructed to strictly follow the CDC guidelines, by keeping a safe distance of 6 feet at all times.  Video conferencing may be an alternative to in-person meetings.

Ecoscape’s field staff are following CDC guidelines, by keeping a safe distance of 6 feet at all times when on a job site with other employees.  Crews will now arrive to job sites separately, one employee per truck or personal car.  Field employees must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) in the form of: gloves, eye protection, and face masks.  Disinfecting multi-surface cleaner is available in each truck/trailer/job site, to use on equipment, tools, and surfaces needing frequent cleaning. Soap and water are available for frequent hand washing.

Clients are asked to communicate with their Ecoscape representative via email, phone, or by keeping a 6 ft distance outside, if at the homeowner’s property.

What are your current business hours?

Regular business hours M-F, 8am – 5pm.  Please schedule an appointment with your Ecoscape representative, if you need to come to our office for any reason.

How about online or phone payments?

Clients receiving plow, irrigation, or maintenance invoices by email, can use the secure payment link to pay by credit card or ACH.

Design + Build clients can pay their scheduling deposit by credit card or ACH.  Please call our Accounting Mgr, Catherine Basile, to arrange payment by phone at 303-447-5789, ext. 103 or by email:  Accounting@EcoscapeDesign.com

The grass will still grow, flowers will bloom, and our backyards are our best safe haven right now! 

Thank you for considering us for a landscape project or maintenance service.  By following best practices, we can make your outdoor space a source of well-being and comfort. 

Please call us at (303) 447-5789 with any questions at all. 

We will continue to update this page as more information about the virus becomes available and our policies continue to adapt to the situation.