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Colorado IS a Safer Place for Pollinators

One yard, one city block, and one policy at time, has started the momentum of making the state of Colorado a safer place for bees and fellow pollinators.  The People & Pollinator Action Network (PPAN) originated in late 2014 with the modest aim of policy reform, and in turn discovered a much larger comprehensive goal:  making our region a sanctuary for birds, insects, and bats.  Like many issue of our times, the problem of pollinator decline is complex and multifaceted, and both a local and global problem.  Since its’ inception, PPAN united behind a common strategy to work with the Colorado State Legislature in ways to promote policy reform to improve the health of both pollinators and humans, namely in the form of reducing pesticide use within Colorado.

The economics of policy change were not left out of the equation. Collective impact means that a cross-section of Colorado government agencies, municipalities, nonprofits, and businesses have worked with PPAN to foster partnerships that create a better future for people and pollinators in our state.  To read the full report from the People & Pollinator Action Network, buzz over to this link.  To take action beyond your own bee-safe back yard, consider getting involved with PPAN or sharing a financial gift at:  peopleandpollinators.org.

Image from 2015-17 Review People & Pollinators.