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Landscape Construction

With your newly crafted  Landscape Design in hand, it is time to for the vision to become reality. Being clear on your investment range up-front, guides the design process, and allows our project management team to build for success.  With years of industry experience, our landscape manager works closely with the design team, so you have a critical eye on the budget without compromising the value of the design.

To do a quality job that will last from season to season, close attention to detail and patience is required. Constructing a new landscape from a blank slate or renovating an existing yard, also requires a variety of skills and experience.  Our field team of land artisans and stone masons work outside in all kinds weather conditions year round, so these are not ‘fair-weather gardeners’ by any stretch of the imagination!  It’s not enough for a natural paver patio to look beautiful on the surface.  Proper grading and subsurface compaction must happen first, and consideration for things like outdoor lighting conduit and effective drainage is also important.  Even a seemingly straight forward tree and shrub planting project, requires the expertise of a skilled landscaper.  Planting protocols, best cultural practices, irrigation tie-in to support young plants, and topdressing, all depend on the versatility of our foreman and their teams, orchestrated by landscape manager.

The landscape construction process is often an intriguing process for our clients, although it can be disruptive at times!  With each new day, the old landscape elements fall away, new components arrive, and you literally see your custom landscape design develop right before your eyes. Many clients also enjoy the aspect of getting to know our crew of talented and respectful individuals who might be with you for a couple of days, or even for a few weeks, if it’s a big job. They take a lot of pride in their work and the completed projects!

Once your new landscape is finished, it’s time to consider protecting that investment. Whether you like to take a ‘hands-on’ approach to tending your yard, or prefer to hire a company, Ecoscape is there to support you and your new landscape!  From answering follow-up plant questions to providing an estimate for comprehensive maintenance service, you can feel confident your new ‘Ecoscape’ will mature with vitality!

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