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Landscape Maintenance

At Ecoscape, we take an organic approach to landscape maintenance, our goal is “Caring for your land, Naturally!”. This is not only our approach to maintenance, but our ethical stance toward all of our land work. Using the most progressive non- toxic products & methods in the landscape industry, our goal is to provide you with the healthiest options for your land and your family’s surroundings.

Ecoscape provides a full service maintenance program for single family residences, commercial properties, and home owners associations. Our team of skilled personnel take a regimented approach to turf management and plant care to carefully nurture your property to beauty and good health. We can tailor our maintenance program to suit your needs; whether that is land care once a week, once a month, or once a season, Ecoscape can accommodate you with the same quality of service our dedicated clientele have come to expect.


  • Spring Clean Up – tidy up yard debris from winter, cut back perennials, prune shrubs, and general cleaning of outdoor living pathways and spaces.
  • Turf Management – mowing, soil fertility applications, aeration, and drought tolerant turf varieties.
  • Pruning – structural shaping for plant health, deadhead perennials, seasonally appropriate pruning for plant variety.
  • Irrigation – seasonal start-ups, winterization, troubleshooting, water audits, and repairs by our full service irrigation team.
  • Weeding – identification, hand pulling, and organic herbicide for safe removal of undesirable plants in garden beds and turf areas.
  • Soil Fertility – organically derived soil amendments, fertilizers, & compost tea to improve microbial diversity in the soil and to support plant health.
  • Plant Enhancements – adding perennials, shrubs, and trees to your existing landscape to fill out under utilized space or to replace unsuccessful plantings.
  • Mulching – building the soil one layer at a time; essential for retaining moisture, improving soil biota, and reducing weed pressure.
  • Pest & Disease Management – integrated approach for prevention and control of damaging insects, animals, and pathogens.
  • Fall Clean Ups – leaf clean-up and composting, prevent winter damage to perennials and shrubs with selective pruning and cut-backs, clean-up pathways, living spaces, and water features.

Additional Services

Ecoscape carries out a wide variety of services beyond those listed here. Some are outlined below, but if you have a special request, we’re happy to entertain ideas!

  • Vegetable Garden Beds – raised beds created from wood, stone, corrugated metal siding, and water tanks, with optional irrigation tied-in.
  • Garden Pots – frost proof glazed containers planted with ornamental plants, herbs, or vegetables, and optional irrigation.
  • Vertical Gardens – prepared for outdoor living spaces with irrigation support.
  • Rain Gardens – planting with berms and swales to passively capture rain-runoff.
  • And So Much More… CALL TODAY to inquire about additional details
Ecoscape Truck

Snow Plowing

Since 2005 Ecoscape has been plowing in the foothills west of Boulder. Our plowing services include Pine Brook Hills, Boulder Heights, Sunshine Canyon, and Fourmile Canyon. Reliable, licensed, and insured, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week including holidays.