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Edible & Pollinator Gardens

At the core of our ethical approach is a landscape that’s safe for pollinators and people. Whether you are looking to reduce the amount of turf in your yard, or want to grow food for your family, a comprehensive Ecoscape landscape design plan can integrate appropriate plants and trees for our region, that will help our local pollinators. In turn, these pollinators help your veggies and fruit trees to thrive!

  • dsc_5812
  • Bailey Terraced gardens fruit on top and veggies on bottom
  • W. tananger in aronia
  • Ecoscape-12
  • dsc_4742-edit
  • Bee Harvesting pollen
  • closeup raised veg garden
  • Ladybug on penstemon-square- July2017-kzJPG
  • Linville 5 Flowers (large)

We so appreciated your focus on environmentally friendly design and maintenance programs you offer. And the customer care we received throughout the project was excellent.

– Charla K.

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