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Remember Your Humble Sprinkler System

The national Irrigation Association promotes July as ‘Smart Irrigation Month’ and reminds consumers, farmers, and landscape industry professionals, that the benefits of efficient water use through irrigation save both WATER and MONEY.  While you may consider your irrigation controller to be a nebulous box mounted to your garage or basement wall, and may be tempted to ‘leave it to the professionals’, there are some simple ‘smart irrigation’ practices you can do for starters: 

•  Inspect your irrigation system monthly by walking around your property checking for leaks, broken or clogged sprinkler heads, and plant problems. Lawn equipment, thirsty raccoons, or parts wearing-out can cause damage, so be on the lookout unusual wet spots or dried out plants/turf, and get items fixed quickly.

•  Learn the basics about your controller: know how to turn your sprinkler system off, and do so after appreciable rain events. Remember to turn it back on, or have a professional install a rain sensor that does it automatically. Set timer to water early mornings when winds are calm & temps are cool (between 4am and 8am).

Backflow Preventers are usually located on an outside wall

•  Know where your backflow preventer (outside) or water shut-off valve for the irrigation line is (usually in the basement or utility closet). If a zone keeps running after it’s set to turn off or a leak is discovered, turn off your controller and the backflow preventer -or- the water shut-off valve. Then call Ecoscape to to schedule a service call. Emergency calls made over the weekend will receive priority scheduling on Monday.

Did you know smartphone technology exists for irrigation controllers?  If you are considering a new landscape or renovation with Ecoscape, upgrading your current irrigation controller is the perfect time to make that change. Already an Ecoscape maintenance client or have done a landscape project with us in years past?  Call us to schedule an appointment to review your sprinkler system and controller for efficiency and potential upgrades.

Here are a few other things to consider about residential water use….